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The church has a problem.

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I saw another story in the press recently about some male vicar somewhere being jailed for possessing child pornography.

The situation with vicars and priests is so dire it is about time something is done about it. I don’t know what the figures are for other professions – say electricians – but there seems to be a lot of these religious types getting caught with their pants literally down.

A priest here getting caught years after the event when the girls he abused got together.

Here’s a story about a disgusting vicar from Rotherham – only last month and a priest from Wigan.

And here’s one from the month before – a retired priest from Northamptonshire admitting to child abuse .

I really don’t want to list any more – it really does turn your stomach after a while.

Astoundingly, these monsters are in positions where they meet vulnerable people. You have to ask how many cases go unreported? Or undetected? How many other sick priests and disturbed vicars are out there making the lives of children complete hell? How far up the church does it go?

Is there a top religious leader somewhere hiding a terrible secret?

It is bad enough that the church stole all the money from the peasants hundreds of years ago (where do you think they got all the gold that you see in churches and cathedrals? In fact, the magnificent buildings are the only really great things to come out of the church. But even they were paid for by the wealth stolen from the common man by literally placing the fear of god in him) but to think that these people have a safe haven within society to satisfy their evil urges and desires makes me think that it is about time we closed the door on religion.

From what I can see of history and listening to church leaders today, religion seems to be based on lies and deception. No wonder these people can hide away dark, dark secrets like this. They have had hundreds of years practice.

On a final note, I’m not saying that all religious men are like the depraved animals described above. I’ve even met several really nice vicars. It’s just that those in the theological profession need to clean up their house – it’s beginning to stink.


Written by Tim Leal

September 25, 2008 at 4:40 pm

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