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Turner Prize for Art

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The Turner Prize for art is a tribute to the wasting of time, money and space and an opportunity for the well-off, upper middle classes to have a laugh at the rest of us. And the well-off, middle classes laughing at me really fecks me off.

Is the Turner Prize for dummies?

Is the Turner Prize for dummies?

The artist, along with most of us, knows the crap on display could be done as an after thought by a one-eyed, epileptic monkey on it’s way out of a tornado.
The only reason they get the chance to do this every year is because ‘bemused’ television news presenters get a chance to gawp at the pap on display and act incredulously on ‘our behalf’.

Well DON’T. As soon as the well-paid television news people stop paying attention to this baboon turd, the sooner these people will stop laughing at us. And maybe they can go away and contribute to society in a way that will benefit us all.


Written by Tim Leal

October 4, 2008 at 7:33 pm

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