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Cigarettes & Alcohol

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I like the occasional drink and cigarette. I enjoy them but both these things are bad for me.

I do not like running, going to the gym or eating fish. But these things I know are good for me.

I like burgers. I even like the gerkins inside the burgers.

I like burgers. I even like the gherkins inside the burgers.

Why is the world built this way? All those things I enjoy will probably kill me one day. And all those things that might improve my life and keep me alive a little longer I do not enjoy.

The list goes on.

I enjoy pizza. The odd McDonald’s Big Mac or Burger Whopper with Cheese.

But I do not like parsnips. Or broccoli.

I like beer, whiskey and cigars.

I do not like running, yoga or rock-climbing. (I do like cycling, keeping generally fit, walking in the countryside, swimming in the sea, jet-skiing, skiing, sky-diving amongst other things – I am not a complete couch potato).

But some people must like these mundane foods and exercise. How is it that some people are born with an in-built need to do these things to themselves.

Whilst others, like me, seem to be born with a built in aversion to the downright boring.

Maybe it is upbringing. Maybe it is the school I went to. Or the town I grew up in. Is it my fault that I will probably die younger than someone who went to a better school? In a more prosperous town?

I’m fairly sure that it isn’t my fault.

But I’m fairly sure that I’m going to end up paying for it.


Written by Tim Leal

October 10, 2008 at 4:48 pm